Official 2012 Blog : AQW Cheats in Here
New post ! BQW 1.8.

AQWorlds Useful Packets

Hi AQWorldkers !!! Wooooow !!!!!! Long time no post ! One Year !!! Actually, i had planning to release this on March 2012, but no time, but now, i can release this !!!

Here's the packet :
-SponZard Items, click here
-Hero of Sponsors, click here

Only that what i have, i'll look after some packets again, thats for all, thanks for visit !!!


Bot Quest World 1.8

Hi AQWorldkers. This time, the most excellent bot, BQW 1.8 . New bot added for the trainer.
Moderate Combat Ability – Most Class Abilities Supported, Support for Many Different Farming Areas, Resting and Respawn at Semi-Appropriate Times, Simple Item Acceptor : Essences, Crystal Shards, Tainted Gems and Up to 6 Quests at One Time.
New class should be supported : Warrior, Warlord, Beast Warrior, Pumpkin Lord, Rogue, Barber, Leprechaun, Pirate, Alpha Pirate, Renegade, Vampire, Mage, Sorcerer, Shaman, Paladin, CardClasher, Guardian. The download site :

Note: To make this trainer works, download the adobe flash player 1.3 with active x here.

How About add this Blog Music ???

Hi AQWorldkers, when you want some music on this blog, just leave a comment in here or post it on shout box. Do you agree when i add musics ???

Note : Leave a comment like this :
Your opinion
What music and the band name

Thank you for understanding and don't forget to leave a comment and follow !!!

Official 2012 Blog : AQW Cheats in Here is Launched Now !!!

Hi AQWorldkers ! What a lovely surprise !!! I already launch a new template, but still incomplete. Soon we will post the most and the new about cheats, trainer, and tips and so on ! Invite your friends to visit this blog and thank you very much to visit this blog !!!


Hi AQWorldkers. I am so sorry not online everyday, for clan bussiness, and others cuz my internet has totally broken ! My internet totally repaired now. So, i can play again. Can you forgive me ???

Thank you !

Watch out !!! Antivirus will Delete your Trainer ! 23-08

Hi AQWorldkers. To make your trainer is fine, don't install Pro Antiviruses. Here is the result :
I only have 3 antiviruses.
(Last Update : 2011/08/23)
1. AVG IS 2011 (Detected)
2. ESET NOD32 (Detected)
3. Avira Premium (Detected)

I'll update the result next time.

Thank you !

BotQuestWorlds 1.6 (TEST)

Hi AQWorldkers. Today i post BQW Test Version 1.6.3 . New bot added for the trainer. Backstage, Undead Legion Exercise 3, Evil Rep (Not Rank 4 in Both), i don't know what the quest name but, isn't a bot, need to kill Black Knight. The quest is require Undead Warrior (1200 AC). The quest location is maximize the trainer, and click the accept, click Black Knight Button for kill Black Knight. Some of you know the name. Sorry i am not use my laptop because it's litte broken. The download site, yup, the download site :

Note: To make this trainer works, download the adobe flash player 1.3 with active x here.
We make a password for the link. So answer a question.
1 4 13 9 14                 What is the word ??? Like this (1 2 3 = abc)
Find out and you will know the password. (Cuz this is important).